Bosnia/Republika Srpska: Overhaul worth 6 MEUR completed in TPP “Gacko”

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Thermal Power Plant (TPP) “Gacko”, after the repair successfully completed, has been synchronized to the grid and it is expected its reliable and stable operation, as well as the fulfillment of the production plan, confirmed executive director for power production and the company development, Borislav Vujicic.

He pointed out that the repair, which was planned to be completed in 40 days, was made the day before, and that the emphasis was put on the efficiency improving of the boiler installation and use of the available heat from lignite of Gacko.

– The revision of all devices and components designed for the level of regular maintenance were done on the turbo aggregate – Vujicic says and adds that specialist and investment activitieswere done on the chimney of the thermal power plant, with a height of 162 meters.

According to him, the activity and advocating of their expertise and manpowerhave been excelled during the repair.
Vujicic said that about 140 thousand tons of coalis locatedat the landfill of the Thermal power plant, and 1,400 tons of fuel oilin the storage tanks for crude oil, and that the Mine and TPP “Gacko”, “Electric Power Industry of RS” and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining undertook significant activities to ensure a sufficient amount of fuel for continuous operation of Thermal power plant.

Funds for repairs, which had cost about 3 MEUR, were provided from its own funds of TPP “Gacko”, and works performed the company employees, while for specialist activities were hired other contractors.

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