Bosnia/Republika Srpska: Power utility subsidiary will own new HPP Dabar

, SEE Energy News

Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of the Republic of Serbia, Petar Djokic ,said that in the future the company Hydropower Plant (HPP) Dabar will be owned by HPP Trebisnjica company part of ERS power utility company of Republika Srpska.

Djokic said that this does not mean to abolish enterprise HE Dabar ,but only to carry out organizational changes in the ownership structure, stating that the 30% share which it had Power Utility of the Republic of Srpska report to the HET.

At a meeting with management of ERS, HET and HPP Dabar , held in Trebinje, Djokic has announced that this year will be intensified activities on the development of the new law on electricity, which will, as he said, going to certain necessary organizational changes in the system of the EDF.

These organizational changes should make more efficient the ERS and it is brought up to the standards that have other power utilities, especially in the implementation of specific energy policy which stems from the directives of the Energy Community- said Djokic.

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