Bosnia/Republika Srpska: The electricity production in TPP “Ugljevik” at last year’s level

, SEE Energy News

Thermal power plant “Ugljevik” in the first half of the year produced 593,968 megawatt-hours of electricity and the plan is to reach the level of last year at the end of the year, said executive director for technical issues in the company Dragan Miljanovic.

According to him, after a prolonged overhaul, which lasted 71 days due to the perceived problems at the generator plant, thermal power plant “Ugljevik” operates at full steam since reconnection to the network in June.

Managers of thermal power plant are expected that plan of electricity production, which is annually in arrears, be overcome by the good work so that the production results should be at the level of last year.

Since the beginning of the year the mine has produced 618,198 tons of coal and nearly five million cubic meters of solid waste rock.

According to data from the mine and thermal power plant “Ugljevik”, the coal production follows the needs of the unit, and overburden is above the planned amounts although it works in harsh weather conditions due to large amounts of rainfall.

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