Bosnia/Republika Srpska: TPP Gacko begins annual overhaul 3MEUR

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In the Thermal power plant “Gacko” began regular annual overhaul which will cost from 2, 5 to 3 MEUR.

In TPP “Gacko” say that the 45 days long overhaul will have aim to achieve greater reliability and operational readiness of the plant, and that except employees of this company, specialized houses of different profiles will be engaged in the overhaul activities.

Director of RiTE “Gacko” Milenko Milidrag said few days ago that TPP had a problem with the supply of poor quality coal, and that there was a backlog of overburden for many years.

Milidrag then pointed out that it was planned opening of the new mine in order to partly overcome the problems this economic giant faced with.

TPP “Gacko” has failed to meet the production plan for the past two months, but in this company hope to have better and larger quantities of coal after the overhaul, and that it would achieve good results with a little higher electricity.

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