Bulgaria: 360MEUR for operation life extension of NPP Kozloduy

, SEE Energy News

The 10-year life extension of NPP Kozloduy’s Units V and VI will cost about EUR 360 M, stated deputy energy minister Nikolai Nikolov .

He explained the cost was due to the units’ life extension and their increased power capacity. Nikolov added the two projects will be combined, i.e. the capacity will be enhanced in time along with the units’ life extension. In his words the lifespan of the units can be prolonged to 30 years, i.e. with three 10-year extensions, according to legal requirements. At present there is a pending application for a 10-year extension. Asked about the nearing Belene NPP trial, the deputy energy minister said there was no news about it.

During a parliamentary blitz control cession PM Boyko Borisov stated it was in Bulgaria’s interest to extend the lifespan of Units V and VI. He expressed hope this would be done with cooperation from the Russian side.

A final political decision has to be taken about the future of nuclear energy in the country – whether it will be developed or shutdown in 30 years, said Bogomil Manchev, chair of the Bulgarian Atomic Forum, at the nuclear conference in Varna. In his words his colleagues from the branch agree with him and insist on a firm decision on the future of Belene NPP.