Bulgaria allowed to export petroleum products from Russian crude oil to Ukraine

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Bulgarian Council of Ministers allowed the export of petroleum products derived from Russian crude oil from Bulgaria to Ukraine as of 5 February 2023.

The export of certain refined petroleum products derived from Russian crude oil imported on the basis of the obtained derogation for imports to third countries is also permitted.

This is necessary to limit environmental and safety risks, as such products cannot be stored safely on the territory of the country.

The European Commission said that Bulgaria has been exempted from the European Union’s sanctions against Russian oil imports by sea because of the country’s geographical location. However, this exemption, valid until the end of 2024, allows Bulgaria to supply itself with oil, and not resell it to other EU member states or third countries.

In December, Bulgarian caretaker Government decided to ban export of petroleum products made from crude oil imported from Russia by sea as of 5 March 2023. The ban will apply to Bulgarian exports of oil products to buyers in another EU member state or a third country. However, it will not apply to petrochemicals and bunker fuel used in ships.

The largest Bulgarian refinery Neftochim in Burgas is operated by Russian Lukoil.

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