Bulgaria: Average DAM price 142 euros/MWh in March

, SEE Energy News

The average baseload price on the day-ahead market of the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) in March amounted to 108.56 euros/MWh. This is 24% lower compared to February (142.31 euros/MWh), while average peak price was 107.92 euros/MWh (-29%).

A total of 2,472,432.6 MWh of electricity was traded on the day-ahead market in March 2023, which is similar to the previous month.

Average daily traded volume in March amounted to 79,755.9 MWh. Traded volume in March 2023 was 7% lower compared to the same month last year.

On the intraday market, a total of 186,852.7 MWh (+30%) was traded, with the average weighted price of 103.67 euros/MWh (-25%).

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