Bulgaria: BDZ Passengers signed electricity supply contract with Grand Energy Distribution

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Last August, BDZ Passengers a unit of Bulgarian state-owned railways operator BDZ Holding, said that it has extended its electricity supply agreement with Grand Energy Distribution indefinitely. BDZ Passengers, said that it has signed an electricity supply contract worth 16 million euros with local company Grand Energy Distribution. The contract envisages the supply of 150,280 MWh of electricity per year.

Previously, the company extended the supply agreement until 31 July. The first extension was made until BDZ Passengers completes the public tendering procedure, but it was cancelled after a complaint filed with the Commission for the Protection of Competition (CPC).

The electricity supply deal with Grand Energy Distribution was originally signed in April 2019 and it was valid for one year. The deal was 7.8 million euros worth and it envisaged the supply of 150,207 MWh of electricity in total.