Bulgaria: Competition authority accused suppliers Energo-Pro and NEK of dominant position abuse

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The Bulgarian Commission for the Protection of Competition (CPC) claims that electricity distribu-tor Energo-Pro and National Electric Company (NEK) are violating the article 21 of the Protection of Competition Act, thus abusing their dominant market position.

CPC claims that these two companies have ham-pered the access to NEK’s electricity distribution network through delaying the process of joining to the network by a renewable energy producer, which can restrict competition and harm the best interest of the consumers.

The renewable energy producer in question is photovoltaic power plant Orlova Mogila, which was not allowed to access the distribution and transmission networks of these two dominant companies for a considerable period of time. Two companies will now have 30 days to submit their written objections to this decision.

Last week, CPC accused local electricity distribu-tion subsidiary of Czech energy group CEZ of dominant market position abuse. According to CPC, CEZ Bulgaria refused access to the grid for small hydropower plant Gara Eliseina, without suf-ficient grounds, transmits Serbia-energy.eu

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