Bulgaria, Country has not signed a contract for the supply of US LNG yet

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Chairman of the Bulgarian Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (KEVR) Stanislav Todorov said that if the gas storage in Chiren is not 100 % full and the gas connection to Greece does not work, there is a risk of disruption of gas supply to Bulgaria.

Todorov also said that a contract for the supply of US liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Bulgaria has not been signed yet. He said that it is one of three most important items that will ensure Bulgaria’s gas supply this winter. The second one is Chiren gas storage at full capacity (currently at 23 %) and the third is the commissioning of gas interconnection with Greece, expected at the end of the month.

Regarding electricity, Todorov believes that Bulgaria will face no shortages this winter as it produces twice as much electricity as it consumes. In case of emergency, an electricity export ban could be introduced. Bulgaria is the largest electricity producer in the Balkan peninsula, it has considerable surplus for export and, thanks to nuclear power plant Kozloduy, it provides electricity to residential consumers at relatively low price.

He also welcomed the proposal for the introduction of block tariffs, which means that residential consumers who consume more electricity will pay higher price, thus enabling those with low consumption to pay even less. However, he believes that the introduction of block tariffs should not be rushed, since affordable residential electricity prices for the next year are already provided.

Regarding the increase of heating prices by almost 30 %, Todorov explained that, unlike electricity, Bulgaria has to import natural gas at prices on the global market.

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