Bulgaria: DSO fined from Competition Commission for abuse of dominant market position

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Bulgaria office in charge of the care of the monopoly position prescribed a fine of several local distribution centers owned by Czech company CEZ and Energo-Pro, as well as Austrian EVN, for abuse of a dominant market position.

As stated in this office, three distributors were set unreasonably high prices for the use of low-voltage networks, which affects consumers and restricting economic competition.

CEZ was fined with 285,000 and Energo-Pro with 85,000 EUR.

“We have not received any official decision, but we are confident that we have always acted in accordance with the law”, said in CEZ. CEZ and Energo-Pro are struggling with problems in Bulgaria since 2013th. They even faced with the termination of the license in that country.

In January, CEZ had to stop the work started on coal-fired power plant in Varna, because Bulgaria failed to obtain EU permission for its work.