Bulgaria: Electricity export fee may be increased

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Bulgarian energy regulator EWRC is analyzing the possibility of changing electricity export tariff, increase of the fee is the goal.

Unconfirmed reports about a possible rise of the levy have circulated since early April when prime minister Boyko Borisov suggested the existing export tariff could more than triple from the current €4.08/MWh by adding a fee called “public obligations” to it.

And new comments by EWRC’s head Ivan Ivanov cited by local media suggested that the regulator was considering the introduction of a second lower “public obligations” fee which would be imposed on exports.

But EWRC has not confirmed the comments on media speculation and an exact amount is yet to be announced.

The regulator will publish an initial proposal to clarify a potential export tariff increase around the end of May, stated Svetla Todorova, commissioner at EWRC, but added that there was still no concrete plan for a rise.

“For now there are no plans but discussions in the commission are ongoing. Before a firm decision is made I can’t say anything with certainty,” she said.