Bulgaria, Electricity production 4.1 TWh in November

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Natural gas deliveries in Bulgaria in November 2022 reached 222 million cubic meters, which is 56 percent more than in October, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INS). On an annual basis, however, deliveries decreased by nearly 22 percent.

As a rule, gas consumption falls during the summer months, but this was especially visible during 2022, when the price of gas in Bulgaria reached record levels. In August, Bulgargaz supplied its customers at a price of 298 leva (euros) per MWh, and in September at a price of 354 leva (euros) per MWh. This also resulted in a significant drop in gas consumption.

It was only in October that the price of gas started to fall, after the IGB interconnector was put into operation. In November, the price of gas dropped sharply to around 124 leva (euros) per MWh.

Bulgaria relies almost entirely on gas imports – local production was just one million cubic meters in November. A similar level was achieved in October, and a 50 percent drop was recorded on an annual basis.

INS data show that almost 4.1 TWh of electricity was produced in November, which is an increase of 31 percent on a monthly basis. However, compared to November 2021, production was reduced by 5 percent.

More than half of the produced electricity (65 percent, or 2.8 TWh) was consumed on the domestic market. This represents an increase of 12 percent on a monthly basis and a decrease of 4 percent compared to November 2021.

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