Bulgaria: Energy regulator to assess electricity price changes demands

, SEE Energy News

The Bulgarian Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (KEVR) will discuss the proposals, according to which electricity prices should remain the same or slightly changed in some cases, while heating prices should be reduced by up to 16 % as of 1 July.

KEVR’s Chairman Ivan Ivanov explained that the drop in natural gas prices compared the the previous regulatory periods is the main reason for the reduction of heating prices.

According to the proposal, electricity distributor CEZ Bulgaria which operates in Western and Northern Bulgaria should keep the prices at the same level, while EVN Bulgaria (covers Southern part of the country) will increase prices by 0.6 %. On the other hand, Energo-Pro which holds distribution in Eastern Bulgaria will lower its prices by 0.9 %. At the same time, electricity prices for small industrial consumers should be decreased by between 5 and 15 %.

Regarding heating prices, the proposal envisages cuts between 4 and 16 %. For example, price of heating energy in the capital, Sofia will be lowered by 10 %.

KEVR will make its final decision on these proposals by the end of the month, while the new prices will take effect as of 1 July, transmits Serbia-energy.eu