Bulgaria: Energy regulator introduces new electricity gas prices

, SEE Energy News

According to earlier decision of Bulgarian Commission For Water and Energy Regulation (KEVR) new electricity, natural gas and heating prices have come into force as of 1 July.

The price of electricity for household consumers has increased by 0.04 % on average, while the prices for other non-household consumers has been reduced by 17 %. The price has not changed for household customers supplied by CEZ, the price for those supplied by Energo-Pro has increased by 0.88 %, while the price at EVN increased by 0.83 %. Regarding non-households consumers, those supplied by Energo-Pro recorded the largest drop of 17.19 %, prices at CEZ dropped by 10.11 %, while prices at EVN decreased by 7.84 %.

These new electricity prices will remain in force until 1 July next year.

The price of natural gas was reduced by 9.97 % which also lead to the decrease in price of district heating services. The average decrease in the price of heating amounts to 6 %. The largest drop is recorded in Razgrad (5.86 %), Sofia (3.43 %), Plovdiv (2.44 %) and Varna with 1.59 %, transmits Serbia-energy.eu

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