Bulgaria: ESO will invest in transmission network modernization in the next 10 years

, SEE Energy News

In order to modernize and reconstruct its electricity transmission network, Bulgarian electricity transmission system operator ESO will invest 715 million euros in the next ten years and out of that amount, some 90 million euros or 12.5 % will be provided via European funds.

More than 35 % of planned investments (around 250 million euros) will be realized in 2020-2022 period. Planned investments in 2020 alone amount to around 104 million euros.

ESO’s 10-year development plan also envisages the connection of new units of nuclear power plant Belene, if the project is completed within that timeframe. However, the document was developed before the idea of a new unit at nuclear power plant Kozloduy reappeared, and it is not included.

In terms of electricity consumption, energy efficiency measures are a key factor. If there is a delay in the implementation of these measures, electricity consumption will increase to 40.8 TWh per year in 2029. With the introduction of adequate energy efficiency measures, the gross electricity consumption in 2029 will amount to 37.5 TWh per year.

It is expected that 1,465 MW of new renewable energy capacity will be put into operation by 2029. Also, the plan envisages the connection of new 564 MW in gas-fired power plants.