Bulgaria: Forecast for new power generation, electricity network development strategy 2015-2024

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Bulgaria will launch a new nuclear capacity in the next 10 years, according to forecasts of the electricity system operator ESO.

According to ESO, which is state-owned, thermal power plant “Maritsa Iztok 2” will have to expand the units 9 and 10 in the next 10 years.

The mentioned forecast, as confirmed for Serbia Energy from Energy operator ESO, is a part of the Draft plan for the electricity network development in the period from 2015th to 2024th. According to this document, the construction of a nuclear power plant “Belene” has been stopped by the Bulgarian Government and Parliament.

Regarding the project for the unit 7 in NPP “Kozloduy”, the forecast suggests that the power plant should be operational after 2025th, due to lengthy procedures.

ESO also mentions the forecast of the European Commission until 2050th, where Bulgaria is expected to launch a new nuclear power plant after 2035th.

At the same time, the forecast predicts an increase in capacity to 1,000 MW in unit 5 of NPP “Kozloduy”, as in unit 6 of 100 MW through a turbine upgrade.

Hydro project “Gorna Arna” will be built so that it includes three dams and three hydropower palnts, with hydropower power “Byal Izvor”, which should become operational in 2022nd with a capacity of 44 MW, HPP “Ardino” will be launched a year later with capacity of 56 MW, and the project “Gorna Arna” will be completed in 2024th with the launch of HPP “Kitnitsa” with capacity of 66MW.

During the mentioned period of ten years, it is expected that Bulgaria will export electricity both in summer and winter months.

The highest level of domestic demand during the winter will rise from 6990 MW in 2015th to 7440 MW in 2024th.

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