Bulgaria, Gas capacity between national networks is sufficient to unite the two balance zones

, SEE Energy News

During a public discussion at the Bulgarian Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (KEVR) of draft rules for amendment of the rules for balancing the natural gas market, gas transmission system operator Bulgartransgaz said
that it has carried out technical activities under an investment program, so that the capacity between the two national networks, national and transit, is already sufficient to be able to unite the two balance zones.

According to Bulgartransgaz, this is a step forward in favor of the market, because in this case the market participants no longer have the obligation and need to reserve the capacity of a transfer point. Their balance positions will be formed at the entry and exit points of the two gas transmission networks in a common balance zone. This necessitated a change in the balancing rules.

A technical connection has been made near the Valchi Dol compressor station. The number of connection capacities has been increased in order to be able to transfer commercial quantities of natural gas between the two networks.

The closed KEVR meeting, at which a decision on the rules amending the rules for balancing the market is to be adopted, is scheduled for 16 September.

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