Bulgaria: Gas from oil shale as instrument of USA for Balkans

28. May 2013. / SEE Energy News

The only USA’s instrument in geopolitical game on Balkan is gas from oil shale- Professor Nina Dolgerova, Bulgarian expert. She repeated that gas from oil shale is deathful to people, animals, nature and big corporations are paying for its exploitation in Bulgaria. Dolgerova mentioned that EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger stated that this gas is the only political instrument for energy diversification. American Chevron Corporation in Romania got license for research after this statement. Bulgaria has also issued this license, but in short term because the parliament voted for moratorium.

According to Dogler’s words, Bulgaria will have barely 2% benefits of this gas, except for ruining the nature. She expressed concern because exploitation of this gas can turn to be dangerous to Bulgarian territory also because Romania will do research near Bulgarian border. Nina Dolgerova stated that crucial steps, extremely important for Nabucco West project are following and she added that it is very important to Bulgaria to have legit government which will participate in future phases of the project.

It is positive that Ministry of Environment and Water gave positive grade to the project what means that main obstacle for its construction is overcome.

These projects like South Stream pipeline are among few that can give job to people during the next year in time when economy is developing very slowly- Dolgerova comments.

According to her words, gaining conventional gas from Black Sea is a good variant for diversification, but this process will continue to meet many obstacles.

The main reason for it is that territorial disputes will occur. She reminded that question of 300 square km of Black Sea that are Bulgarian now, was asked for Romania. Russia and Turkey, as well as Ukraine which need to declare about South Stream pipeline, will be active participants in Black Sea parceling in future period.

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