Bulgaria: IBEX introduced change in setting required collateral method

, SEE Energy News

A change has been introduced as of 2nd July in the method for setting the required collateral for intraday and day-ahead market segments, whereby the day factor for calculation of the collateral is reduced from 3 to 2, said Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX).

The change in the margin model follows the change already introduced by Nord Pool but since the software implementation of the overall model requires time, IBEX reduces the day factor and preserves the other two parameters (net position and risk parameter) unchanged. This aims at faster application of the Nord Pool model for the participants in the power exchange market in Bulgaria. In this way the same effect is achieved of reducing the required collateral by around 30 % and reducing the costs for trading of trading participants.

By introducing the change IBEX aims at providing to its trading participants the advantages offered by the biggest power exchange operators in Europe without compromising the security of operation of the organized power exchange market for electricity in Bulgaria.