Bulgaria: IBEX market couplings with Greece and Romania

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At the online ceremony marking the fifth anniversary of the launch of the day-ahead market, Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange IBEX CEO Konstantin Konstatinov said that good results come as a result of the efforts of all trading participants and institutions involved in the liberalization process and coupling of the electricity markets in the European Union. IBEX has reported more than 5 times higher volume traded on the Day-ahead market compared to when it was launched in January 2016.

The market coupling with Greece and Romania with planned go-live in April and August respectively is of strategic importance for IBEX, which is working on their successful implementation together with electricity transmission system operator ESO. The huge importance of the say-ahead market segment is evidenced by the sharp increase in the share of traded volumes on this market segment in relation to the total consumption in Bulgaria. For the past five years the number of registered participants on the day-ahead market has increased from 17 to 80. The price levels reached on the segment are comparable to those in the region and provide the most representative information about the state of our electricity market. The day-ahead market has established itself as the most preferred segment by trading participants and sets a record traded volume almost every month.