Bulgaria: Insufficient number of electricity traders in the electricity market

, SEE Energy News

State Regulatory Energy Commission, DKEVR, has warned that there was a lack of competition in the Bulgarian liberalized electricity market. The most serious deficiency is recorded in supplying households and small consumers.

In all countries that are imminent to fully opening of the electricity markets, there are certain difficulties in the implementation of this process. Bulgaria again lags behind other EU member states in terms of the electricity market liberalization; it was concluded at the meeting of the National Energy Regulatory Commission. The market is technically prepared, but there is a range of other difficulties. One obstacle is the electricity price. Households are not satisfied with the offered selection of the electricity supplier, but on the other hand, regulated prices produce certain stability. At the meeting it was pointed out that a new increase in electricity prices should not be expected.

The Commission has approved a new, higher electricity prices by an average of 9.79% in early October. The population in the western part of the country, customers of CEZ, will feel the biggest increase of 9.9%, and those in the southern and southeastern Bulgaria, EVN customers will have accounts increased for 9.5%.

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