Bulgaria: Investigation of Toplofikatsia Sofia

, SEE Energy News

Because of reports of inflated bills,  Ivan Ivanov chairman of the Bulgarian Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (KEVR) ,ordered an investigation of district heating services provider Toplofikatsia Sofia.

The statement from the regulator said that in case of any violations it will take administrative and punitive measures provided by the law against the company, adding that it will publicly announce the results of the investigation. Toplofikatsia Sofia said that it will completely assist the regulator in this investigation.

Last week, Bulgarian media reported that a number of district heating providers have been advocating for significantly higher heating prices. For example, the company providing heating in Veliko Tarnovo asked for 140 % increase, while Toplofikatsia Sofia proposed more modest of increase of 20 %.

However, Ivanov was adamant that any requests for increasing the price of heating are completely unfounded, adding that KEVR would not allow the rise.