Bulgaria: Issues with FGD project in Maritsa East 2 TPP, Italian-Chinese consortium Iderko-Insigma sacked

20. May 2013. / SEE Energy News
Energoremont Holding said that state-owned Maritsa East 2 thermal station failed to make the payments for the new flue gas desulphurization systems of energy units 5 and six which received operating permits in mid-April.
In December 2012 the management of the power plant announced it has suspended Italian-Chinese consortium Iderko-Insigma for not complying with the exploitation launch deadline of the FGD’s. Energoremont Holding was appointed as contractor for the project.
For the months of delay the power station was forced to pay punitive fees for pollution to the Bulgarian environmental ministry.
It is not yet clear how the matter will be solved, but Energoremont Holding informed that it whishes to continue the talks with Maritsa East 2’s management.

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