Bulgaria: Ministry of Energy considering sale of Bulgarian Energy Holding shares

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The sale of shares of the Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) is envisaged in the mid-term period.
The envisaged plan is still in the design phase. The idea of listing a portion of shares of the state energy companies on the market appeared in 2009, but it faded afterwards.

This step is a part of the short-term and long-term measures for energy sector recovery which the Ministry of Energy has submitted to the State Commission for Energy and Water Management (DKEVR).
At the recently held short briefing, DKEVR Chairman, Svetla Todorova, announced that a reduction in the current purchase prices was not envisaged by the planned measures.

On this occasion, Todorova said that legal measures that would enable system balancing would be proposed, it was confirmed to Serbia Energy by DKEVR.
The Chairman refused to reveal more details about the proposed measures, but she specified that these measures included a market-oriented model for stimulating the energy from renewable resources and for issuing green certificates.

Todorova revealed that the negotiations between the Ministry of Energy and the American thermal power plants were expected to be concluded by the end of February, which also represented one of the envisaged measures. She also said that the shutdown of inefficient thermal power plants was planned, too.
According to Todorova, the model and the legislation [would] be changed until the end of year so that the energy market in Bulgaria could be liberalized. She added that, according to the current model, in which the National Energy Company NEK acted as the public supplier, market liberalization was not possible.