Bulgaria: Power plants fined for breach of cold reserve contracts

, SEE Energy News

CEO of Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) Petyo Ivanov said in an interview that thermal power plants which could not respond fast enough or at all in accordance with their cold reserve contracts during January-February sold spell have been fined with a total of some 1.84 million euros.

Out of abovementioned sum, 1.79 million euros were for incompliance during January and about 50,000 euros for February. Three out of six thermal power plants contracted for cold reserve services during the 2016/17 could not respond due to various reasons: freezing of coal, freezing of the Danube river which supplies cooling water and repeating technical failures.

The TPPs in question are TPP Bobov Dol, Toplofikatsiya Ruse and TPP Maritsa 3. The unresponsiveness of these power plants contributed to an aggravated situation in Bulgarian energy system, which led to the suspension of electricity exports.