Bulgaria: Records in electricity exports

, SEE Energy News

Bulgaria’s electricity exports have reached a level of 1600 MW/h, registering a substantial increase from the rate of 128 MW/h in May 2013, according to reports of the Ministry of Economy and Energy (MIET).

The data received by the Electricity System Operator EAD was published by MIET on Wednesday.

Over the past four days, a total of 94 000 MW/h of electricity were exported, or about the same amount of electricity exported during the whole month of May, 95 000 MW/h.

Thermal power plants operated at a load of around 2600 MW/h during daytime, while their nighttime output exceeded 3000 MW/h.

The peak loads on the power supply system were registered in the hours between 1 pm and 3 pm due to the hot summer temperatures and the need to use air conditioners.

The total production of electricity by TPPs on Tuesday amounted to 68 000 MW/h.

According to MIET, this triggered an increase in the production of coal in the country and to the achievement of targets of over 75 000 tonnes only on Tuesday, a fair amount for a summer month.

Bulgaria’s Energy Ministry argues that the good results were achieved thanks to a set of recently adopted Energy Act amendments.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/MIET