Bulgaria: Unit 6 of NPP Kozloduy reconnected to the grid

, SEE Energy News

Unit 6 of Bulgarian nuclear power plant Kozloduy was reconnected to the electricity network on Saturday, following the coolant leak fix, company announced. 1,100 MW unit was taken offline on 15 April for scheduled preventive servicing to address indications of a coolant leak.

After the fault was located and remedied, the equipment was tested within the requirements for safe operation. The tests confirmed the operational readiness of the installations and the systems. In accordance with technological rules, the rate of operation of unit will be increased in stages until reaching full output capacity.

Bulgaria’s sole nuclear power plant Kozloduy operates two Russian-designed VVER-1000 reactors of 1,000 MW each. Their operational licenses will expire in 2027 and 2029, respectively.

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