Bulgaria: Who eats profit of Bulgarian Nuclear Power Plant Kozloduy ?

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The Bulgarian Kozloduy nuclear power plant ends 2013 with a forecasted profit of  19 508 469,49 EUR after taxes and with its production of 14,171,222,000 kWh of electricity , said the Deputy Executive Director , Aleksandar Nikolov , while presenting the results  of company to the media. Nikolov emphasizes that profit of the nuclear power plant would be greater if NPP had no obligation of paying  about 5 647 188,54 EUR taxes for 2012, as well as for 2013.

Executive Director of the Kozloduy nuclear power plant, Ivan Genov, said that the company would ask the Government to be exempted from the payment of dividends to the State in the amount of 80% of the profits, in order to be able to carry out projects and extend the life of the fifth and sixth blocks, to increase the capabilities of the power units , as well as the construction of the seventh block.
According to him, the Kozloduy nuclear power plant is capable with its own funds to finance the first two projects , if it would have been exempt from the payment of dividends in the coming years.

The priority project in 2014 year will be extending the life service of two blocks of 1,000 MW , and to Genoa, the project is of strategic importance for the country .

Currently,the integrated results of complex audits of two reactors are entered and the program for the fifth block  is prepared in the Agency for Nuclear regulation that needs to approve it , and shortly the same documents will be entered for the six block,too.

Responding to  a reporter’s question Ivan Genov said that the forecast value of the program for the extension of the operation of two blocks in the amount of 440 million euros. He added that with the approximate cost,  Bulgaria can in practice  get a new nuclear power plant after the implementation of the program of modernization , which was prepared by a consortium between the companies ” Rosenergoatom ” and ” Eliktrisiti de France .” He said that consortium proposed an extension of the exploitation of two blocks to be 30 years , because the results of the audit of the reactor are very good .

Source; Serbia Energy

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