Bulgarian electricity export fees increase to disturb regional see market

, SEE Energy News

Profiteers hurried to make use of the hike in the price of power in Bulgaria. The price of a loaf of bread is by 0.1 levs more expensive in the town of Haskovo compared to yesterday’s price.

The loaves of bread now cost 0.90 levs as the prices of power and gas are higher as of July 1,” bakers from Haskovo state.
In real, we can speak of new prices of bread only after the end of the harvest when it will become clear how much the flour would cost, members of the union of bakers state.

“Now the hike in the price of electricity is a good justification for an increase of price of any goods,” tradesmen say.

Holders of bars and restaurants also try to up their prices to make up for the losses after the implementation of the full smoking ban. The question is if the Bulgarians will endure the attempts for profiteering or the severe competition will make the profiteers give up their attempts for easy profits, experts comment. The trade unions forecast an inflation rate of 2% by the end of the year after the hikes in all commodities and services after the jump in the price of electricity.