Bulgarian expert warns that there will not be enough gas from “Turkish Stream” for Serbia

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It is unlikely that the gas for Serbia and Hungary that will be supplied by the Turkish Stream pipeline will be enough, Bulgarian energy expert Hristo Kazandzhiev said.

“Second-hand deliveries seem to be very problematic. It is unlikely that ‘Balkan Stream’ natural gas deliveries will be realized in the near future. And in the distant future, I suppose”, Kazandzhiev said.

He also referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement that Bulgaria was deliberately delaying the construction of a gas pipeline on its territory. Kazandzhiev said that in this case it is necessary to recall the situation associated with the construction of the South Stream pipeline, because the Russian president made such a statement before Moscow officially gave up the South Stream.

“It reminds me a lot of the scenario that happened with the South Stream project. You remember that after a similar statement, the project was interrupted. Clouds are piling up, threateningly piling up”, Kazandzhiev told TV + 1.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has earlier reported that Bulgaria is deliberately delaying the construction of the Turkish Stream on its territory.

The Turkish Stream project involves the construction of a two-pipeline with a capacity of 15.57 billion cubic meters each.

The first arm is intended to supply gas to Turkish consumers, while the second arm is intended to supply southern and south-eastern European countries. The whole project should be completed in May 2021.