Romania: Electricity production dropped by 6.6 % in the first eight months of 2019

North Macedonia: MEPSO signed 400/110 kV transformer deal with Slovenian Kolektor ETRA

Croatia: Guarantees of origin auction for Q3 2019 announced

Bulgaria: 704,352 MWh traded on IBEX in September

Romania: Only 200 MW of new onshore wind capacity would be installed by 2023

North Macedonia: HPPs Spilje and Globocica produced 211 million kWh in the first nine months of 2019

Croatia: The first RES company listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange

Albania: OSHEE bought 18,000 MWh of electricity for October delivery

Romania has been constantly importing electricity from Hungary, having been a net exporter for only three days in August

Romania: Merger with EC Oltenia will reduce Hidroelectrica’s performance