CE TENT Power plants, power generation stats from february 2012

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CE Thermal power plant Nikola Tesla from Obrenovac, with its four power plants locations remains biggest power generation company in the Balkans. Reliable supplier and partner to Serbian economy, despite all winter challenges the production was reliable during february as well, the complete system was running fully operational.

Corporate enterprise Thermal Power Plants Nikola Tesla in february 2012 produced and delivered to Serbian energy system 1.653.570.000 kwh of electricity, which is 9,29% less than planed production.

TENT B power plant produced 675.976 000 kWh of electricity and achieved the production plan with 91,35% which is 8,65% less than planed.

TPP Kolubara produced and delivered 99.608.000 kWh of electricity, achieving 93,97% of planed production and 6,03% less than planed.

TPP Morava produced 61.443.000 kWh of electricity and achieved the plan with rate of 99,10%.

TENT railway system was working non stop on lignite coal delivery from Kolubara mines company, and supplied for TENT power plants the quantity of more than 2 mill tons of coal which was 19,19% less than planed

Total CE Thermal Power plants Nikola Tesla production input rate in total Electric power of Serbia was 45,69%, and in production rate of all EPS power plants the total TENT share is 70,63.

TENT power generation system consists of 4 power plants location, railway system of TENT remains fully reliable operator in coal supply, its the biggest industrial railway system in Europe.

Source: TENT