CEZ is not involved in the construction project of the Montenegro TPP Pljevlja’s second block

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The Czech power company ČEZ says that it is not involved in the construction project of the second block of the Thermal Power Plant Pljevlja in Montenegro.

ČEZ is not included in this project at any phase, the company’s spokeswoman Barbora Pulpanova stated, answering the question if ČEZ would invest in the project, since Škoda Praha had expressed interest in work performance.

Škoda Praha won’t be the investor of the project because this company is traditional work performer and it works according to a “turnkey” system, it was said in the company.

Škoda Praha has sent a letter about their intentions for the second block construction to Montenegrin Government.

ČEZ was seriously interested in buying TPP and smaller part of Coal Mine, but in didn’t answered the tender in 2006, because there was no space for meaningful changes of previously offered amount.

Czech Company offered 18 million EUR with 43,8 million EUR investments for companies from Pljevlja in the end of 2005.

Czech Company decided to cancel tender and terminate all negotiations about sale with Russian En Plus group on Government’s suggestion in June 2007. Opposition and Democratic Party voted for termination of TPP and smaller part of Coal Mine’s privatization. Only Democratic Socialist Party was against Parliament’s conclusions.

Sale of TPP for 45 million EUR, and minority shares package of Rudnik for 5 million EUR was negotiated.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/Agencies/EPCG/CEZ