Chinese Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co. Ltd visit to coal mine and thermal power plant Pljevlja, new power generation project in sight

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Expert team from Chinese company China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co. Ltd has visited coal mine and TPP Pljevlja today, and Maoce, with the aim to inform about the basic technical and exploitation performances of the terrain and their specificity.

From Ministry, it was announced that the expert team of Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co. Ltd, by coming to Montenegro had shown the readiness to start realization of this project as soon as possible, through collecting of data for Feasibility study and Project proposal, in the sense of technical documentation and planning, which will be the basis for further negotiations between government of Montenegro and Chinese company.

The government of Montenegro and EPCG have defined the parameters of the project, and after that the experts of Chinese company will structure the project. In the case of win-win option, the Assembly of Montenegro will give its opinion about project proposal and its form.

The project of development of thermal-energy potentials of Montenegro is promoted by Ministry of Economy, as a part of Chinese state program