Clues of corruption in energy sector

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Serbian Minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlovic has said there are serious indications of crime and corruption in the energy sector and the operation of public companies must be examined.

“In the energy sector, where hundreds of millions of euros change hands in every country, including ours, there are serious indications that there have been problems, i.e. crime and corruption. I really think that the dealings of public companies need to be examined in detail, and it is absolutely irrelevant who is the director, the only things that matter are the results and what was done,” the minister told Tanjug in an interview.

Mihajlovic said she had appointed an advisor for the fight against corruption, who would carry out investigations in the energy sector together with his team.

“If a public company which has a monopoly is recording enormous losses and this is being presented to the public as just an issue of prices, even though there is clearly more to it than energy prices because a large amount of money goes through the company, then this must be investigated – because this money belongs to the Serbian people,” said Mihajlovic.

Source Tanjug

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