Coal from “Veliki Crljeni“ still guarantees quality, lignite production intentionally“suppressed”

12. August 2013. / Mining

In the open pit mine “Veliki Crljeni”, the overburden production was completed in mid-May, which in this part of the Kolubara basin began in October 2008. After almost five years, over 19 million cubic meters of solid mass were excavated, thus ending the exploitation of overburden. As far as the exploitation of lignite is concerned, about 10.5 million tons of coal is left to be produced in the next two years, after which the mine will be closed.

ECS system was moved to the open pit “Tamnava West Field” where it was soon put in the production process. The system, with a total length of 1,540 meters, has begun operation on 10th June. The essence of this strategic shift is that the leading players of the operation, the excavators, were replaced. BWE “Glodar 4” was transferred to the new ECS system of OPM “Veliki Crljeni”, where it operates in combined operation mode, so that “Glodar 900” excavates overburden and coal, and transfers the coal to the belt conveyor of “Tamnava West Field”.

According to Mr. Branimir Simić, director of the OPM “Veliki Crljeni”, the coal production in this mine has been intentionally slowed. By maximum savings, in June, the only 150,000 tons of high quality coal wereexcavated, which is still exclusively used for homogenization and improving the quality of coal from the mine “Tamnava West Field”.

Merging of the systems Tamnava “East” and “West” was a move that lifted the production to the higher level, making it more efficient and reliable. Certainly, the work required an extraordinary effort and coordination of relevant departments of both mines, resulting in rerouting and installation of the system prior to the completion of the initiated overhaul of the coal system. In the “borrowed” ECS system the crew of  “Tamnava East Field” is engaged, as well as service maintenance, while the operation technology and management system is entrusted with the “native” mine, “Tamnava-West field.”

In the open pit mine “Veliki Crljeni”, the drag lines (eš) are involved in making the new riverbed of the Kolubara River. This work required an increase in the number of surveillance – technical staff,so that all activities involving drag lines would be more efficient.  The help of workers and machinery of the branch “Auxiliary machinery” is also necessary.

As every year, “EŠ” drag line with drive label “105” is included in the operation of the “scraper conveyor” on the coal retail that is this season again organized in three shifts in respond to a high demand resulting from the good quality of coal in this part of the mining basin. Thus, about 900 tons of coal for consumer use is daily loaded.

Branimir Simić points out that cutting of forest has recently began on the corridor where the riverbed of the Peštan shall be relocated in the following period. It has a few plots of the total forested area of ​​six hectares. Due to the ever-present danger of self – ignition of the coal in the operation unit, the Crushing Plant performs daily firefighting drills in cooperation with the Department of Occupational Health and Safety and Fire Protection.

M. Mikić


Rаdisаv Јоsipоvić

Workers of the Branch “Open pit mines – Baroševac” were shocked by the news of the death of a fellow colleague, Radisav Josipović,  who suddenly died at the age of 51, on the 15th June.

He was born on 12th February in 1962,  in Strmovo, Bajina Bašta. He has worked in the Field “D” continuously for thirty years as a shift mechanical supervisor.Colleagues from the Field “D” point out that Radisav was a good and hardworking employee, who did his job responsibly and reliably. He was a person to rely on. Above all, he will remain in the memory as a good man and friend, as well as an exemplary parent.


Drаgišа Živојinоvić

Workers of the Branch “Processing plant”  were shocked by the news of the death of fellow  colleague,  Dragiša  Živojinović Žile, who died on 14thJune , at the age of 47.

He was born on  13th January in 1966,  in Valjevo. As a chemical technician, he spent his working service in the “Processing plant”, where he started working in1988 on coal sampling.

The colleagues remember him as a good and hardworking person, appreciated by the staff, but above all,he was a good and bright person, always ready for a joke. He had other interest sand he was active in sports. The emptiness and sadness of the prematurely deceased colleague is felt among his friends and associates, but  surely his wife Milena, son Andrew, sister, mother and the rest of the relatives pass the toughest time.

Source; RBK

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