Coal mine Gacko operates at high level

, SEE Energy News

In a coal mine Gacko from January to November this year, 4,224,030 tons of overburden were removed and 1,740,417 tons of coal produced, which is one of the most successful periods during the 29-year operation of this giant.

At a ceremony on the occasion of “Holy Varvara,” celebrated by the miners as their patron saint, it was pointed out that this year a total investment of more than 33 million marks has been put in the purchase of new and rehabilitation of the existing equipment.

In the next two years it is planned to invest about 55 million marks for this purpose and other needs of the Mine, said the head of the mine Bojo Vukovic.

He said that next year a construction of workshops is planned where approximately 14 million marks will be invested.

“This year the main river Musnica relocation project has been done, which would remove an obstacle to the smooth running of coal mining in Gacko area, and provide a steady water flow to the municipality,” said Vukovic.

He added that the preparatory work is planned for the next year, and that the estimated value of the project is 19 million marks.

This year, the top 10 employees were awarded with 400 marks each, and Gacko Association of Parents of Children with Special Needs “Rastimo zajedno” was awarded to 1,000 CM.

Delegation of the Mine laid flowers at the memorial to the workers who died in the last Veterans Patriotic War.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine