Coal mine of Pljevlja to take over Berane dark coal mine and secure the supply of thermal power generation sector in Montenegro

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Coal mine Pljevlja is interested to take over the dark coal mine Berane for one euro. Greek company the owner of Berane mine supports this idea.

Berane dark coal mine is not exploiting the coal but its in good condition and under constant maintenance of 28 workers.

Board director chairman of Pljevlja mine company, Mr.Predrag Boskovic confirmed this news. He stated that Pljevlja mining company is interested to take over the ownership of Berane dark coal mine. Further news about this takeover are expected to come from leading Montenegro coal supplier to thermal power plant Pljevlja.

Final decision will have to be supported also by shareholder assembly of Pljevlja mine company.

Pljevlja mine company production plans for 2012 were 478.000 tons and it was achieved with rate of 115% or 547.000 tons of coal.

Production of coal and supply to Pljevlja power plant was also achieved with ratio of 114% and 530.000 tons of coal.

In april 2012 Pljevlja mining company also presented the financial report for 2011, EBDTA was 1.5 MEUR.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine