Coal processing plants overhauling successfully ended, works on Revitalization of Heating Plant

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Regular yearly investment repair in the departments of the “Kolubara” Branch “Processing Plant” was finished in the anticipated term. From 5thto 30th June, the overhauling works have been finished in the processing plants, Enrichment, I and II phase of Dry Separation and Railway Transport.

All scheduled activities according to overhauling plan are completely fulfilled, besides some works in the II and I phase of the Dry Separation, where the overhauling was with negligible reduction. These works are going to be finished as soon as possible, during the regular operation of the plant.

In the Processing Plants the most of the works were done in the Drying Plant where the autoclave supporters, i.e. “feet “were improved, and after that the overhauling of two autoclaves were done.

The Railway Transport was improved by the usual overhaul in this season. The railway sleepers were changed in the length of 500 m, the whole trail was done, the overhaul of the locomotives, wagons and control stations. All necessary works for the qualitative operation were performed, and in the Railway Transport, that means the transport of the coal from the Field “D” and “B” to Wet Separation, loading, dragging, dragging out of wagons for the needs of Thermal Power Plant “Kolubara” in Veliki Crljeni, and also for the other users of the lignite of Kolubara.

During the regular yearly overhaul, the most of the investment works on revitalization of the second boiler in the Heating Plant were done. Completion of these works is expected to take place at the beginning of the August. Although the first boiler was completely renewed last year, i.e. the complete revitalization of the Heating Plant was finished. The result is that the Heating Plant is going to operate stably, that is very important for the development of technological processes in the “Processing Plant”, as well as for the heating of the citizens of Lazarevac.

The activities on the construction of new settling basin are in the course, and it should be finished in the next two or three months, what is also contribution to operational quality of the Heating Plant.

Among the problems concerning the overhauling activities during this season, the technical director of the “Processing Plant”,Mr.Aleksandar MiIićević, emphasizes the complicity by the realization of the public procurements, due to changes in the Public Procurement Law, which came into effect on the 1stApril this year. It was not enough time for harmonization with the Commercial Sector, and it was necessary for all participants to abide new conditions and procedures.

– In the first half of September, we are going to write down all needs for the next year, and that is the beginning of overhauling preparations for the year 2014. I think, it is for the first time the overhaul to be performed properly – said Mr. Milićević, and he praised the technical and supervision stuff of the “Processing Plant” hoping that this Division of Kolubara will be strengthened with new labor force. Special thanks from his side went to Managing Board of Mining Basin “Kolubara” due to their understanding and help by the procurement and project realization. He also showed his satisfaction with performed works by the workers of “Kolubara Metal”, and expressed his gratitude to the team of Belgrade “Feromont”,which was engaged on overhaul of the second boiler in the Heating Plant.


The Great Challenges in this Year

In the year 2013, the Branch “Processing Plant” should accept 12,164.000 tons of coal from the open pits, Field “D” and Field “B”. For the production of electricity, will be delivered 8,718.00 to Thermal Power Plant “Nikola Tesla” in Obrenovac, and to TPP “Kolubara” in Veliki Crljeni 2,282.000 tons of coal. For consumers′ use 550, 000 tons of dry lignite were planned.

Source; RBK