Coal reserves would disappear in 50 years, wind and solar energy could replace it

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Serbia has coal for the next 50-60 years, and the world is slowly running out of oil, and thus the search for safe alternatives. Experts claim that Serbia, in the case it starts producing energy from the wind, after providing for its own needs, will be able to sell generated electricity to other countries.

Another option is the solar energy, or energy that the sun emits during the year per square meter of a roof on houses in Serbia – it is equal to the energy gained by burning 130 gallons of oil, while the same time this resource is like wind completely free.

It is expected that renewable energy sources will become economically competitive with conventional energy sources in the coming years, and that their prices over the next two to five years would be equal to the price of electricity from sources we use today in Serbia.

Even 18 percent of total world energy comes from renewable sources, while the larger part of this energy is obtained by taking advantage of traditional biomass for cooking and heating – 13-18 percent. An additional three percent is obtained from large power plants, and new energy sources produce 2.4 percent of total world energy with a tendency to grow significantly in the near future because the reserves are running out, and allowed emissions are prescribed.

Adverse effects of non-renewable resources are growing in the past few decades, which is the reason why more and more countries around the world are turning to renewable sources. Nikola Tesla warned a few decades ago that the energy would become the key problem of the future, that current energy sources are unreliable, and that the day will come when these sources of energy would run out, which has already started happening and we feel it around the world.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine