Common energy market in South East Europe solves short-term problems says SEE Statcraft branch manager

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Forming of common energy market of Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, i.e. stock exchanges’ establishment will enable satisfaction of these countries’ short-term needs with electricity-estimated representative of Statkraft Company Branch in Belgrade, Dragan Vignjevic.

“It is normal that everyone on stock exchange must have available energy amounts, i.e. safe supplier. We could satisfy our today’s and tomorrow’s needs in region, separate from long-term needs”, stated Vignjevic.

He thinks that is irelevant if stock exchange is located in Skoplje, Niksic or Belgrade, but thing which matters is its establishment, from market connecting point of view.

“Diversity of rules to cross border capacities entrance will become unimportant, because capacity will be gained by energy. It refers to short-term shopping, one day in advance”, said Vignjevic on trade companies’ representatives, electricity companies from region and transmission system operators’ meeting held in Niksic Montenegro.

He added that other types of energy market would remain the same while their intensity will depend on circumstances, among which electricity supply of Niksicka Zeljezara and Aluminum Combine in Podgorica (KAP).

Participants of the meeting, organized by Elektroprivreda Crne Gore (EPCG), warned that countries from South East Europe have confronted serious lack of electricity for a long time and this problem will escalate in time.

Possible solution should be searched in energy association of region what considers a row of advantages, from harmony to legislation, over technology connection, to better view of newly produced capacities, among them second block of TPP in Pljevlja.

Representative of “Elektroprivreda Hrvatske zajednice Herceg Bosna” (HZHB) Vlatko Marinkovic believes that new production capacities construction will contribute price stabilization which growth can be expected in current circumstances.

EPCG representatives announced that Montenegro intends to gradually become electricity exporter from dependent importer within energy strategy.

According to EPCG representative Momir Grbovic’s announcements, that can be expected this year when “national energy company could become significant exporter by energy balancing in certain periods”.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine