Competition increases in Prijepolje river Lim hydro power plants projects arena

14. May 2012. / Uncategorized



Just one week after the announcement of Canadian company REV that the construction of their hydro power plants will start in next few days, another Italian company expressed the interest in Lim river hydro potentials. What experiences could be avoided, opposition from local communities challenging REV, SECCI and RWE Inoggi projects, is the communication approach wrong?

Prijepolje municipality hosted the delegation from Italy and representatives of Belgrade seated company Resourcing.

Lorenzo Bartollini the representative of Italian company, after site visits of Lim river hydro potentials stated that Italian consortium is very interested in Lim river hydro plants projects, and they are also aware of the interest of other foreign companies.

According to Bartollini, Italian consortium is interested for construction of mini hydro power plants and Italian side can guarantie that it will oblige to all environmental protection regulations and make sure that their projects will have smallest influence on environment and local population.

It is known that the local population also opposed the Canadian REV, local officials says that it is because of the unclear communication policy of REV. Same or similar problems face Italian SECCI and German RWE Inoggi on Ibar and Morava rivers.

Bartollini added that these are just first talks and next steps will follow soon.

According to Rastko Svicevic, lawyer from Resourcing, there are serious plans for hydro projects on Lim river as the river has enough locations and potentials for all investors, adding that the project will involve local companies and labor.


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