Complete Balkan region faces electricity price shock, investors seek market conditions for new power gen investments

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After new price records for oil, the electricity prices will shock the complete region of Balkans as well as most of the EU countries. Some region countries are announcing the electricity price increase starting from may or june. Serbia has the lowest electricity price in Europe. From Serbian energy company statements are confirming that the prices will not be changed before october, when the Energy agency of Serbia takes over the price decision and announced price reform.

The electricity is also one of the major topics in Montenegro but also in Croatia where its energy company demands the price increase for 22%. Croatian government agrees that the price should go up but the % will surely be lower.

Croatian energy company are arguing that the import of electricity is very costly and that Croatia with its production cant fulfill its obligations due to the hydro power plants lower capacity production in last months.

Croatian kwh is 9,5 euro cents in comparison with Serbian which is 5,5 eurocents per kwh.

Bulgaria, out of EU members, has the lowest electricity price but the life standards and salaries are the lowest in EU.

Regional market opening and its liberalization will also influence the pricing reform as regional energy power gen companies need to adjust to the market condition of operation. They also need financial inputs for modernization of the facilities, new units and incentives for green energy kwh.

Raising demand for energy supply in the region, due to the industrial recover will influence the pricing of electricity as new investors also demand market regulated prices.