Complete energy dependence threatens to Serbia

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Serbia enters the complete energy independence slowly, Miodrag Mesovic, Managing Secretary of Serbian Committee for World Energy Council declared and he stated that our country is independent of energy import for 40% approximately.

“The biggest coal resources in KiM are not under our control any more. There are less and less lignite on existing collieries. There will be enough lignite for electricity production in the next 50 years”, he said.

Mesarovic announced that 60% of electricity is produced from domestic lignite in Serbia. He expects Serbia not to give up its rights on coal use in KiM.

“Serbia is not the only country in Europe that is energy dependent”, he stressed and underlined that many European countries are dependent of energy import and that is increasing problem in EU.

According to his words, rational use of our resources of coal, oil, gas and hydro potential should be national, but also individual strategy of every Serbian citizen.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine