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The energy market is undergoing a dramatic change. New technologies and political determination are opening up new opportunities and perspectives. For South East Europe, the region with its diversity, market potential and dynamics, the energy sector is the key to regional economic growth and increasing prosperity, offering great opportunity which has been proven by many new market entrants along the value chain. The general extensive transition of the energy market is just an additional facilitator.

Despite the fact that the process of establishing an internal energy market in SE Europe is lagging behind other European regions, the regional electricity trading landscape has been transforming through introduction of power exchanges, through improved integration of renewable energy sources and most of all through market coupling processes. The market coupling borders are moving, price coupling of regions projects are on the way.

On the downstream side of the energy supply value chain there is the end consumer, whose role on the energy market is changing more than ever. Consumer’s engagement and the introduction of new business models in the energy retail are going to be of most significance for the retailers. New business models, including smarts energy offerings, are already creating a whole new market environment in some most developed and competitive national markets. The issues tackling the future drivers for customers’ loyalty, and whether the new entrants are going to take over the business, will also be discussed at the International Conference Energija14, one of the most recognizable high level energy events in SE Europe.

This years’ conference, the 10th consecutive Energija14, will take place on December 2nd and 3rd 2014 in the beautiful Croatian coast town Opatija.

Issues such as energy affordability and state aid issue, the capacity remuneration mechanisms, SEE trading perspectives, market coupling procedures, investment climate in the region as well as the new business models on the retail side are some of the key topics that will be discussed in the International Conference Energija14. All the topics will be discussed mainly from the perspective of SE Europe but through global experience by the high-level experts and decision-makers, leading representatives of European energy institutions, leading utilities, TSOs, power exchanges and traders from SE Europe and beyond.

The Energija14 conference offers the best insight in the region, tackling currently the most up-to-date issues and bringing together all the major stakeholders.

Energija14 provides a platform for information exchange and networking, in which decision makers of the energy industry and politics discuss challenges, investment opportunities and future trends.

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