Construction of HPPs is the strategic interest of Croatia

10. July 2012. / SEE Energy News

Construction of HPPs shoul be strategic interest of Croatia, said Drgan Marcinko from Monitoring Center for investments in Energy sector, during the second panel discusion at the first regional conference on energy future.

He warns that the consumption of electricity will raise in future, and that we import 50% of electricity. That negative trend can be changed, due to construction of HPP, that would be 85% Croatian product.

We should make decisions alone, having in mind the interest of our economy, which is precondition for development. He says that the main problem for investors is bureaucracy, as well as poor legislation and spatial plans.

Deputy Minister of Economy Alen Levric says that situation began to change, and that new Government for just 6 months has done more than former Government for 5 years. We have strategy, but not action plans. The aim of government is to make Croatia bacom net exporter, just like Bosnia and Hertzegovina.

Branko Radosevic from HROTe thinks that we make problems, because of lack of understanding of procedures and rules, and also because of the conflict of interests. He warns that it is not true that

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