Construction of three small hydro power plants on Cehotina river, 42MEUR italian investment in Republika Srpska

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Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of the Republic Srpska, Zeljko Kovacevic said that they are optimistic regarding the construction of three small hydro power plants on the river Ćehotina in Foca municipality.

Kovacevic said that the value of this investment is 87 million CM, and expressed hope that RS government will sign the concession agreement with an Italian company that has established its branch company in the Republika Srpska.

Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Republic Srpska, Ranko Skrbic said that in recent years there has been an increase in hospital costs, both for the purchase of new equipment, and the introduction of new forms of treatment.

While responding to a parliamentary question in the RS National Assembly, Skrbic said that a special session of the RS Government would be held when further funding opportunities for the hospital sector would be discussed.

He added that they agreed with the director of Doboj hospital for the management to start the preparation of documentation and conceptual design for the construction of a new hospital, which would be in the location of the chemo-dialysis center.

“I expect them to come with a proposal so that next year they could make an operational plan that would go in the direction of a definitive resolution to build a new hospital in Doboj, because it is the only solution,” Skrbic said.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine