Copper mine company Bor, 25MEUR invested in reconstruction of the sector for mineral processing

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The reconstruction of sector for mineral processing (flotation) in the mine Veliki Krvelj in Mining Smelting Basin (MSB) Bor, where 25 million EUR is invested in, is being finished.

The record amount of 870.000 tons of minerals were processed in January what exceeded the production plan for 20.000 tons, the Director of Krivelj’s flotation, Sasa Milc stressed.

-The plan for February is 770.000 tons of minerals that will probably be exceeded for 2% approximately. Complete reconstruction will bring bigger consumption and better quality to MSB, as well as a decrease of consumption expenses- Milic emphasized for Tanjug.

This makes conditions for copper concentrate production for the new foundry with 22% of copper content, he précised.

The second phase is flotation reconstruction including removal and system launching. It lasted 10 days. This brought new automated line to the flotation, the Director of the project, Ljubodrag Boskovic, said.

The goal is to accomplish 190.000 tons from Cerovo and 1.900 tons of copper in concentrate for both mines being processed in February, next to the procession of 770.000 tons of minerals from Krivelj coal steam.

Source Serbia Energy/RTB