Croatia: 365MW & 995 RES power generation facilities connected to the grid

, SEE Energy News

995 power plants to the renewable energy sources have been in operation in the incentive system in mid-August in Croatia, the total installed capacity of these plants is 365.38 megawatts (MW), and by installed capacity the wind plants are leading while the solar power plants are the largest.

By installed capacity, in the first place are 15 wind power plants with a total of 297.25 MW, the second is 953 solar power plants with a total of 30.04 MW, while on the third place was five cogeneration plants with a total of 13.29 MW, according to the Association which finished sixth addition to a Study on the state of renewable energy projects in Croatia, based on data available by August14th, which was released by the Croatian energy Market Operator (HROTE).

Comparing the data from the last report of May 16th and the latest report, the number of connected plants using renewable energy sources and which are in the incentive system increased by 128 in that period, and according to the installed capacity it is an increase of 48.95 MW, stands out from the Association.

They state that by the installed capacity the largest single facility of renewable energy sources is “The Wind power plant Velika Glava, Bubrig and Crni Vrh”, the companies RP Global Danilo with installed capacity of 43 MW.

In the coming period is envisaged commissioning of 338 plants, with a total planned capacity of 500.23 MW, state from the Association based on the analysis of signed contracts for the electricity purchase from plants using renewable energy sources, which have not yet been put into operation.

By the planned force the wind energy plants also lead among these plants, and the number of solar power plants.

According to the Association, by the planned force, in the first place are 12 wind power plants with a total of 435.20 MW and at the second are 299 projects of solar power plants with a total of 25.75 MW, while at the third place are12 biomass plants with a total of 24.93 MW.

This is the first time that the solar power plants have ranked the second place by the installed force, that so far the biomass plants have hold firmly. According to planned force, the largest plant is “The wind power plant Krs Padjene” from C.E.M.P., with a planned capacity of 80 MW, according to the Croatian Energy Association.

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